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Having joined a family sized Construction business in Perth I moved from promotion to promotion on the success of my delivery and helped the company grow from $10M to over $100M. I realized how much I genuinely enjoyed working with a range of people and seeing their dreams come to fruition. In my journey delivered high end commercial office, residential and hotel projects with some of Australia’s most prominent organisations including Macquarie Bank, KPMG, CBRE, Rio Tinto, Dexus, AMP, Brookfield and Knight Frank.

Eventually I was second in charge to the Managing Director and had gained a local reputation for uncompromising commitment, timely delivery and strong client relationships. It was a great role, but it was time for a new chapter.

It spurred me to utilize my building license to its full potential and start Gabru Projects. I knew there were clients out there looking for a build partner who was smart, resourceful, driven and able to deliver what they wanted – How they wanted.

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